Scrap buying of ferrous and non-ferrous metal в - ARCTIC VTORMET

Scrap buying of ferrous and non-ferrous metal

  • Scrap buying

    • We buy at high prices ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal of all kinds and in any volume. As well as radio-electronic scrap.
    • Dismantle metalconstructions of various complexity.
    • We buy for further disposal of batteries, vehicles, floating vehicles and any other types of special equipment.
    • We will offer for each client a favourable price and excellent conditions!

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    Скупка лома
  • Sales of metal products

    We sell used metal products at favorable prices

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  • Waste disposal

    We provide professional services for the handling of waste of hazard classes I-I V

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  • Environmental outsourcing

    Reliable environmental outsourcing at a reasonable price. Comprehensive environmental support for companies.

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    Экологический аутсорсинг

About the company

units of special vehicles
customers annually
branches, in 37 settlements,
in 8 regions of the Russian Federation
since 2002
in the field of scrap collection.

Arcticvtormet is one of the largest companies in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in the field of procurement, processing and subsequent sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap.

Arcticvtormet successfully operates on the Russian and international markets. The company’s activities cover the entire territory of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, including Murmansk region, Nenets Autonomous District, Komi Republic, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Sakha Republic, Chukotka Autonomous District and Arkhangelsk region, including the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land.

Карта наших сетей/Широкая сеть представительств в северных регионах РФ

Komi Republic

8 branch

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

3 branch

Krasnoyarsk region

1 branch

Nenets autonomous region

2 branch

Nenets autonomous region

2 branch

Chukotka autonomous region

1 branch

Murmansk region

5 branch

Arkhangelsk region

34 branch

Map of our networks

Wide network of representative offices in the northern regions of the Russian Federation

8 regions in Russia
37 settlements
50+ company branches
Arkhangelsk region
34 branches
Krasnoyarsk region
1 branch
Murmansk region
5 branches
Nenets autonomous region
2 branches
Komi Republic
8 branches
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia
3 branches
Chukotka autonomous regio
1 branch
Yamal-Nenets autonomous region
2 branches

Our partners

  • Газпром
  • Транслом
  • РЖД
  • Лукойл
  • Роснефть
  • ОСК
  • Арктика
  • Севмаш
  • Северный рейд
  • Северсталь
  • Звездочка
  • Транснефть
  • Россети
  • Трансгаз
  • Уралэлектромедь
  • Ренова
  • Трансконтейнер
  • Ямал СПГ

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