The Arcticvtormet delegation visited the seventh Championship "XXI Century Woodcutter" - ARCTIC VTORMET

The Arcticvtormet delegation visited the seventh Championship «XXI Century Woodcutter»

The championship was held from 10 to 13 August in Ustyansky district. What Arcticvtormet employees were doing and why «Lesorub» is interesting for a scrap logging company, said the company representative:

«This year our company went with a numerous staff to this big holiday. First of all we were interested in the exhibition and novelties in the sphere of transport and special equipment. We held important negotiations with representatives of various companies, we are sure that they will be followed by conclusion of contracts.

A stand from our company was set up at the «plot». And this year we decided to surprise everyone. Especially for the holiday we made a metal sculpture more than three metres high — «Steel Giant», based on the cartoon of the same name. This cartoon of «Warner Bros» company, 1999 year of release, is not as popular as many pictures of «Disney» or «Pixar» studios, but the character was recognised by almost all the guests and queues of those wishing to be photographed with him gathered. By the way, we printed photos on the spot in our mini «photo lab».

We also brought a collection of antique items, which were handed over to our scrap metal collection points, but saved by the company. The travelling museum had over 70 exhibits from the 19th century to the late 20th century. Each exhibit has its own story, which we told on our guided tours.

In addition, we organised environmental activities for children, made pocket books on sorting rubbish, and held a quiz for young children. The most active children were awarded certificates for their responsible attitude to environmental problems.

And to keep the guests of the Championship in tone, on one of the days baristas came to us from the Sevegorodvinska coffee house on a Ural motorbike with a sidecar and treated everyone to excellent coffee.