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Экологический аутсорсинг
Компания «Арктиквтормет» предоставляет услуги по комплексному экологическому сопровождению предприятий России. Наша компания эксперт с большим опытом работы в сфере экологического аутсорсинга, поэтому мы гарантируем полное соответствие вашего предприятия экологическим стандартам и требованиям законодательства Российской Федерации. Наши специалисты возьмут на себя все вопросы, связанные с ведением экологической документации и предоставлением отчётов в надзорные органы.

About services

Arcticvtormet Company provides services on complex ecological support of Russian enterprises. Our company is an expert with extensive experience in the field of environmental outsourcing, so we guarantee full compliance of your company with environmental standards and requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our specialists will take care of all issues related to the maintenance of environmental documentation and submission of reports to supervisory authorities.

Our services

Delivery of the enterprise to the state registration for categorisation

Conducting an inventory of waste generated at the enterprise

Calculation of waste generation standards

Annual calculation and submission of declaration of payment for negative impact on the environment

Formalisation of accounting procedures in the field of waste management

Formalisation of waste passports, calculation of waste hazard class for the environment

Calculation of waste hazard class for human health

Development of industrial environmental control programme

Preparation and submission to the state authorities of an annual report on the results of IEC implementation

Development of an environmental action plan and other periodic reporting required by regional or federal legislation or company policy

Completion and submission of reports to state authorities on fulfilment of conditions for the use of water bodies

Completion and submission of environmental statistical reporting forms to state authorities

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