A new art object has decorated the city of Severodvinsk - ARCTIC VTORMET

A new art object has decorated the city of Severodvinsk

The sculpture «Steel Giant», which was commissioned by Arcticvtormet, was installed in Severodvinsk near the Central Department Store. A representative of Arcticvtormet commented on the appearance of a new art object in the city.

«In August we surprised the guests of the Championship «21st Century Woodcutter» in Ustyany with a steel giant. Initially we planned a smaller scale, but the giant turned out to be more than three metres, which justifies its name. After travelling to the Ustyansky district, we decided to show the sculpture to a wider audience. Our idea was shared by the administration of the Central Department Store, so for the next two months it will be possible to see and photograph the Steel Giant at the Central Department Store. And after that Steel Giant will decorate scrap metal collection points.

Steel Giant is a character from the animated film of the same name directed by Brad Bird and released in 1999 by Warner Bros. Studios. It is deservedly considered one of the best science fiction cartoons, and perhaps one of the most underrated. This cartoon about a kind robot should definitely be watched by children and adults of all ages. He very lucidly explains complex things and tells that it is not worth it to give an assessment of appearance and treat prejudice and intolerance just because someone does not look like us.

Also, in the story, the Steel Giant absorbed metal and lived in a scrap metal collection point. We see a certain symbolism in it, that’s why we chose this character for the order. Car parts, scrap metal and sheet metal were used in the making of the sculpture. The sculpture was painted with airbrush with ageing effect. Height 320cm, weight 430kg.